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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 5, 2002 || 11:06 pm

Something fishy is occurring. Right now. As I type.

*jerks head toward dining-room table* Maxim is in there, seated at the table, being industrious. He whipped out a CD repair kit a couple of minutes ago and set to repairing all of the CDs he’s mussed over the past year or two.

Some two weeks ago I resolutely forbade him to use any of the discs that I brought into (or acquired as my very own and not part of ‘the music collective’) this marriage, because he is not as dilligent about their care as I am. For example, I do not:

~leave CDs lying about, caseless. Ever.
~set caseless CDs on the car seat with the intentions of ‘putting them away later’.
~pull five CDs out of the changer and leave them piled up, one (scratching) on top of the other, to place in their cases later on.
~stick more than one CD at a time above the visor in the car.
~stack an assload of CDs on the dresser right motherfucking next to the cases.
~pile CDs on the rack where they reside and where, indubitably, their empty-and-waiting cases are stored.
~commit any other heinous, damaging atrocities on any member (even all of those fucking *shudder* Grateful Dead albums) of the nearly-1000 CD family snugly nestled in our bedroom.

Maxim is even doing experimental runs on his own compact discs so as to ensure the quality of his work before mussing the three or four remaining pristine tracks on CDs of mine that he has sullied.

So you see, something is amiss. Something is going on. A plot is being hatched. He is having an affair. He wants to buy a new bass. He is throwing a gathering for all his smelly hippie friends.


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  1. waistdog 9.7.2002

    Damned hippie degenerates!

    They should feel lucky to know how to even OPEN a cd case.

  2. Jett 9.7.2002

    Them dam hip ayys!

  3. unxmaal 9.8.2002

    a new bass? what happened to the old one? where will you keep more fish? do you have a fishpond? is it pretty?

    please send help.

  4. tim451 9.10.2002

    i never would’ve thought jett to be anal retentive. OCD? sure. just not anal retentive. i larn sumpin new ever day….

  5. Jett 9.11.2002

    *ahem* I am not ANAL RETENTIVE, timato, I am just particular about certain things:

    -the aforementioned CD care

    -clean lid on the toothpaste

    -pressed clothing

    -no cheap shampoo

    -ditto for conditioner

    -pictures hung STRAIGHT

    -don’t rearrange my desk without consulting me!

    -don’t consult me about rearranging my desk!

    -HOMONYMS (I should need to say no more)

    The rest can pretty much go to hell in a handbasket, give or take a couple.


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