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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 11, 2002 || 12:07 am

“Whereas at one time all aspects of vocabulary were readily available to me, since September 11th there’s been a lot of interference.”

:: David Egan, father of Lisa, 31, and Samantha, 24, who both worked in Tower 1

“I hear people say, ‘I never got to say goodbye.’ That’s bullshit. You say goodbye at the end of a conversation. But if God were so merciful as to put my sons in front of me right now and say, ‘You can say two or three words,’ it wouldn’t be goodbye. It would be the same words I said to them the last time I spoke to them. And that was, ‘I love you.’ “

:: John Vigiano, Sr., father of John Jr. (NYFD), 36, and Joseph (NYPD), 34

After the sorry cliches are spent / And there is nothing left / I would have you know I draw you in / With every sorrowed breath

And I’ll speak your story / As long as I walk / I will scream it through every stone / My outrage and sickness at what transpired / Has settled you in my bones

Who is guilty and who is not / The blame, how easily dealt / Before a handful of self-righteous ones / The rest have forcibly knelt

Oh, I will speak your story / Wherever I may walk / I will cry it to every stone / My sickness, my heartache at what transpired / Settled you into my bones

Before the winter of discontent / Blows around the fall / Dressing windows for the world / Is killing us one and all

After the sorry cliches are spent / You are still in my very bones

// elizAbeth, “After”

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  1. Bob 9.14.2002

    nice … really nice….


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