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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 11, 2002 || 10:02 pm

Is it all over yet? Are they done? I would like to watch a little tubage tonight before I noddy-odd off.


I am going to fucking wreck the next person’s head that plays that fucking ‘Hero‘ song in relation (simpy sing-songy voice here) to niiiine-onne-onnnnne. And I am going to jerk the gonads out of anyone else (if you’re female, I’ll jerk them out of your father and make you eat them –uncooked) who refers to the day with catchy, quasi-cutesy tag lines: nine-one-one, nine-eleven. It is September The Eleventh, you fuckmunches. Okay, September Eleventh will do as well. I don’t give a marginally tidy piss in a can if you’re exactly grammatically correct about it. After all, TECHNICALLY, as it is ‘war-related’, it is Eleven September.

It’s not that I hate the song, really (but I sort of do)…but it is so glaringly and fucktardedly being played OUT OF CONTEXT. The song isn’t uplifting and saying “Oorah for heroes!”, it is a cry of despair, saying that there are NONE OUT THERE. The ‘other side(s)’ should be playing it. Why am I the only person who is still marginally sane enough to get this???

I wonder what Chad-motherfucking-Kroeger thinks about this. I bet he wants to just crawl up in a hole somewhere and sprout fungus. Fuck, after all the sumbitchin’ royalty checks he’ll rake in next month he’ll damn well be able to afford to if he so desires.

Put that in your peace pipe, damnit. Smoke it like the media whores you are.

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  1. delmer 9.12.2002

    Relax, this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened: and it certainly won’t be the last.

    I wouldn’t expect a sweet young thing like you to recall The mid 80’s when “Born In The USA” was offered up to the mASSES as patriotic song.

    The way I see it, the media is like an artist…an artist that doesn’t care if you love or hate their work, just that it stirs emotion in you.

  2. chum 9.12.2002

    I reserve the right to refer to dates however the FUCK I like. Maybe next year I’ll use morse code. Or binary code. Or morose bonery code. So there! Hahahahaha! You can’t stop me! I’m mad, I tells ya! Maaaaaad!

  3. Jett 9.12.2002

    del: It’s not the seizing of a song for thematic reasons and squeezing for dear life that I’m objecting to; it’s the out-of-context manner in which this particular one is being used.

    chum: Outside, you fucker, right now! We shoulda tangled long ago! ESPECIALLY on the day that you ruined my right to be angry at those who say ‘X-mas’.

    To everyone else: I am insanely sorry that I used the term ‘marginally’ twice in such a short post. I should be whipped. Please. >:o)

  4. delmer 9.12.2002

    Jett…so what yor saying is “born in the usa” is a patriotic song?

    Funny, I always thought it’s about a man feeling abandoned and disnfranchised from the country he fought for.


    and while I am at it, R.E.M.’s song ” The one I love” isn’t a love song.

    Chum…it used to be thanksgiving, then it was halloween, now I think niner one one will be the official start of the XMAS shopping season.

  5. clayton 9.12.2002

    i’m all giggly

  6. waistdog 9.12.2002

    Well Jett! You’re all testy.

    I love it.

  7. The Fancy Llama 9.13.2002


    First off, I want to say “Whoa.” And I did.

    Second, I know this is kind of a “hopping-on-the-bandwagon” move to make right now, but everyone get OFF the patriot bandwagon. If you put a flag on your car on September 12 and went out and bought bunch of shit for hang outside to show how patriotic you are, shame on you.

    If you are so fucking proud of the country you live in, then where was your patriotism on Semptember 10th? Don’t just go around being a trendy dick face because of a tragedy. Yes, respect those who died and those who gave their time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes their lives to help someone out. Yes, respect those who lost. Yes, have some time to cope with what’s going on. But if you think hanging a flag is a sign of respect and coping, get a clue. Wake the hell up. Maybe I am being a little harsh about this, but it REALLY bugs me to see people making a market out of one of the biggest tragedies in history.

    Don’t spend your dollars to show the world “look, I am cool because I have a flag.”

    Spend your time and thoughts and words to show yourself that you love your country and your family and friends, and to show that you send out your thoughts to those emotionally directly hit by this.


    Am I wrong?

  8. kd 9.13.2002

    i didn’t watch the tv. i read the personal stories, yes, i wallowed, yes, but only in weblogs.

    i’m not sure if it’s the same ‘hero’ song, but if it’s the one where whatsisname starts by whispering ‘let me be your hero’, that’s all i’ve ever heard of it because i scream (literally out loud) and punch the radio button. other drivers look at me weird. but they do that alot.

  9. The Fancy Llama 9.14.2002

    No no, that’s a different hero song. Maybe you’re thinking of that I can be your hero baby song sung by Enrique Igesias? ::shrug:: I don’t know.

    Hey, sorry about the anger in my last comments. I like to think I am a pretty easy going guy who doesn’t let things get the best of him… but that one just really got me going.

    kd, I didn’t watch TV at all either. I didn’t want to watch CBS CNN ABC NBC and every other broadcasting company try to change the meaning of my sorrows. I thought about things, remembered things, but avoided the news at ALL costs.

    My feet hurt.

  10. The Fancy Llama 9.14.2002

    Do I leave too long of comments on here or WHAT?

  11. April Love 9.14.2002

    Dearest Jett! I must say that I agree profusely! I felt very sad on Wednesday, buy I also turned off whatever form of media that stepped out in front of me trying to make me sad… It’s easy to do…I DON’T need help. Thanks! Keep rockin’ the suburbs my Sista!

  12. chelsea 9.16.2002

    lol–i love a good rant! more power to ya


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