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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 14, 2002 || 12:10 pm

Scout vs. The Monkeybars

::a rematch::

Remember all that? *points to cast*

She lost. Again. Only broke one thing this time instead of two. But the one thing requires a specialist, and we see him on Monday.

More later. So tire….zzzzzzz.

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  1. waistdog 9.14.2002

    Poor Scout!

    Poor Scouts Mom!

    I used to fall through the monkey bars a LOT!

    Never broke anything.

    But bruised EVERYTHING.

  2. Johnny T 9.14.2002

    Are these your munchkins?

  3. April Love 9.14.2002

    Tell Scout that April Love will make her a montage of fun things to do with a broken arm…..I thought I was the only person skilled enough to break my arm really well. A cast just is NOT enough for gals like Scout and me!

  4. The Fancy Llama 9.16.2002

    How’d the specialist go? And where the heck are ya?

  5. Hope she’s doing better. Hugs to you and her. Fill us in hun. Need to hear from you.

  6. delmer 9.17.2002

    you should get on AIM again someday.

  7. Jett 9.20.2002

    yep, barber, I lay claim to these delightful munchkins.


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