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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 30, 2002 || 12:50 am

I’ve come to the weighty conclusion that, were I to ever climb up on a catwalk sporting a thong, tasty accessories and a lusty look (have your fives and tens ready, Big Daddy, fuck those measly singles), I would want the song Stranglehold to be the soundtrack for The Event.

Yeah, I could totally grind a pole to that shit.

And while we’re on the subject, I could simply wax a gift certificate over there. After all, a girl never gets too old to play with her baby dolls. And let’s not forget dress-up, shall we??

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  1. The Dane 9.30.2002

    whoops. not the kinda links to open at work…

  2. Jett 9.30.2002

    Dane….as always, you amaze me. Given the subject matter of the post, did you not have even the slightest clue as to what the context of the links would be??


  3. The Dane 9.30.2002

    well, I figured the first ones well enough, but little did i expect baby dolls would mean baby dolls :-P I thought maybe you were A D D ing and the p.s. was otherwise related. Silly me.

  4. The Dane 10.1.2002

    whoops. still not the kinda links to open at work…

  5. Gil 10.1.2002

    Well… thank Buddha I have my own office. I enjoyed the show. Nice break for the day!

  6. The Fancy Llama 10.4.2002

    Hehehe, The Dane is silly!


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