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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 10, 2002 || 5:46 am

Scout* has started her first scrapbook! I am so very excited!

She came to me last evening wanting ribbons and doo-dads and fancy scissors and dried flowers and handmade papers and Sharpie markers. I drew the line at the hot-glue gun, however. I gave her double-sided tape instead.

In other pressing news, I went to bed last night horribly hungry for a tuna fish sandwich and guess what?? I woke up starving for one. Remember the strep throat incident? The one where I felt like I was gonna die four times over before I got better. Silly me! Of course you don’t, because I was too busy writhing in feverish agony and praying for a bolt of lightning to the heart or something to blog about it.

Anyway, the doctor’s office called a couple days later.

They called to tell me that my bloodwork was back and my iron was horribly low. With a youmusttakeactionquickbecauseweareexceedingly-
-concerned tone to her voice, the nurse told me that I needed to be taking iron supplements, 30 mg twice a day, “then come back in two weeks for more bloodwork.”

I felt that this was odd. While I have always had low blood pressure, I have never been anemic in any way, shape or form. I eats my veggies, consumes my meat, takes an excellent multi on a daily basis. Okay, I had been off the multi for a couple months and then restarted about two weeks ago.

So I told her, “Funny, but I have felt really excellent for the past couple of weeks”. And I have. I started taking my multi again and added an Arginine/Ornithine/Lysine stack with a little L-Carnitine thrown in for good measure. I told her all this.

Her response: “Wellllll….your may be raising your iron level back up then. It was probably even lower,” to which she added, “Frankly, we were all amazed that you could even get out of bed in the morning….”

To this I laughed long and loud and hearty. Honey, you have no idea. Are you living in the same world that I am??

So she was urgent and verbally strong-arming me on the iron tip. I really hate to take iron; oddly enough, it makes me feel like shit….all draggy and lethargic. I told her that I would wait until after that next blood test and see if I hadn’t raised it anymore, and she sounded near-panicked, like they would come hogtie my ass and force-feed me some ferrous gluconate if I didn’t acquiesce via phone right now.

So of course, I told her I would take the iron so that her conscience would be salved (I was crossing my fingers at the time) and I just tripled my protein intake.

Which is all a long way to tell you that the more protein I take in, the more I want. Thus, tuna sandwich cravings at eleven pee emm that bleed on over into early ay emm hours.

Now I’m off to make tuna salad, alright??*

NEW FEATURE, NEW FEATURE!! I slapped up this page because the familiar way I refer to key participants in my life may be a tad confusing for newcomers….‘Who the hell is this Maxim person, anyway??’….now I just have to figure out that magical little ‘#’ anchor-thingy that sends you directly to someone’s description, rather than forcing you to scroll down the page. Okay then.

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  1. The Fancy Llama 10.12.2002

    I’d like to tell you “Yeah, the # thingy is done by adding a name tag into your page of descriptions and then having the link to the page with the #name. I’m sure.” But I am not sure, so I can’t tell you that. But research that. Lemme know if I am wrong, or right.


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