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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 15, 2002 || 10:38 am


Every year I am seasonal help at a toy store. Basically, I am lead person on the Christmas season stock crew. I’ve done this every year for 6 years now, not because the money is great, but because the discount is and because it is so. dang. funnnn. FUN, I tell you! For fifteen hours a week, two months solid, I get to open boxes and pull out toys. If you can’t see the fun in that, you are beyond the grasp of any help I can give a body.

One year, a little girl of about four, all unsure but curiosity-bold, tugged on my jeans. I squatted down, taking in the wide-eyed dog-eared delicious cuteness of her, to get on her level and hear what she had to ask. Which was,

” ‘Scuse me, my mommy says you are an elf; is that so? Are you really??”

“Oh darlin’,” I replied, “I certainly wish I was an elf, but I’m not.” I broke into a huge grin.

“What I am, though,” I continued, “is one of Santa’s Helpers…and, myyyy, is it fun!” She went away, satisfied, after hugging my neck and thanking me and her mother winked, nodding in my direction.

Yep, it sure is fun to work in a toy store, because despite the inconsiderate mess I have to clean up, constantly rearranging and replacing, there are shiny dress-up jackets and painted metal soldiers and bright nylon kites and baby dolls in fuzzy sleepers and iron pedal cars that are so yummy red that they look good enough to eat (and make you long to be three so that you could slide down in and conquer the nearest hill…).

And there are the children, who still believe in the magic that I’ve never let go of, even to this day.

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  1. delmer llama 10.16.2002

    and here I just thought all your toys were in the attic.

  2. tel 10.16.2002

    “toys” is what you call ‘em? little did we know how close we were, delmer!

  3. kd 10.18.2002

    ahh. innocent bliss. i can be a kid at xmas, just watching it … it’s lovely.

  4. clayton 10.18.2002

    welcome neighbor!

    jett, you sexy blogger you!

    just remember to stay out of number 6 Sim Lane if you don’t want a porno to break out…

  5. Jett 10.19.2002



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