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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 19, 2002 || 12:42 am

Ohhhhh, hooray-HOORAY!

Skits has moved me into Bloggerville….there is now a Jett Sim! I’ve wanted to be a Sim since she put the second house up, but didn’t want to bug her, so that precious Nerdboy intervened on my behalf.

I’m sharing a wicked rad house with Dave and Trish. I don’t know much about this Dave-person save for the facts that he likes to swear copiously and he appears to be a Friend O’ The Alkyhaul, so we have a starting point. Did you see Trish Sim’s top? Hubba. That’s all I’m sayin’.

The house has a heart-shaped hot tub out back (no, really! Go look!)….tres tacky! SO for me! Plus it has one of those nifty cast-iron old-timey stoves. And there’s what appears to be a rec room replete with piano and guitar….wonder how long before I’m plinking away on either/both?

You, dear readers, should be ecstatic with joy; I was the first one in the house to sit down and blog. Apparently I have a discerning eye for art in Bloggerville, as well; my very first act was to criticize a painting in the kitchen. And I have Doc Martens, by God. Wonder what other real-life traits will emerge by happenstance as the days unfold?

Side note: I talked weather with Hoopty. That would never happen in real life, for shitsakes.

It’s really cool timing that I got added, because Skits is gonna be one of the beta testers for Sims Online, where her little Bloggerville Sims will be interacting with Sims from all over the planet via the smashing ole InterWeb. Huzzah!

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  1. trish 10.20.2002

    I’m lovin’ your OUT FIT. [My Cousin Vinny impression] Although I’m pretty damn sure I would have been the first one blogging. One right thing, though, I’m not diggin’ that canopy bed. Dave’s shirt looks like he killed someone.

  2. waistdog 10.20.2002

    Welcome to the neighborhood.

    Come over sometime.

    You can join Melly and I in roasting marshmallows. Or gaze at the vase.

  3. skits 10.21.2002

    You would not have bugged me at all. :D I’m so glad you like your little Sim Jett. Sigh. Aren’t their houses cool? I think building the houses is my favorite part. lol


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