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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 24, 2002 || 10:06 pm

unxmaal: sup yo

JettSuperior: memory-laning it.

unxmaal: yea?

unxmaal: howso?

JettSuperior: If I decided to do a ‘best
of’, which posts spring to your mind?

unxmaal: uh

unxmaal: i can’t remember what i had for lunch

unxmaal: much less stuff from uh like last week

JettSuperior: dweeb.

unxmaal: besides, doing ‘best ofs’ is a sure sign of the
death of a band

unxmaal: and a blog

JettSuperior: really?

JettSuperior: okay then.

unxmaal: yea

unxmaal: think about it

unxmaal: that, and those goddamn internet quiz things

JettSuperior: I was gonna slap up a few
links, but if i’d be jinxing then FUCK

JettSuperior: (and I do the quizlets ‘cos
they’re fun to me: call me juvenile…)

unxmaal: i could really give two squirts of rat feces
LESS about ‘what kind of water bong’ someone is.

JettSuperior: what about what kind of doc
marten they are?

JettSuperior: or party of five character?

unxmaal: i wanna come up with the ‘what kind of
puerile bullshit-filled garbage quizlet can some numb
fuck on the internet think up today?’ quiz.

JettSuperior: I think somebody already did

unxmaal: and no matter what you score, the answer is
‘you are a shitstain cockwaste’

unxmaal: tonight, i fuckin heart profanity.


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  1. dave 10.25.2002

    jesus h. christ and menudo on tour, i thought *I* was cynical…

  2. clayton 10.25.2002


    that is all.

  3. melly 10.26.2002

    I have a best of, Shauny has a best of. It’s not a jinx. Someone’s just on their period.


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