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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 25, 2002 || 7:39 pm

Three year old Mathias comes shooting through the house exclaiming excitedly, a piece of paper in hand.

MATHIAS: Mommy, wook, WOOK! I draw a meeeeean DOODOO!
>Jett is more than confused.<
JETT: What, son?
>Mathias is matter-of-fact.<
MATHIAS: I draw a mean doodoo.
>Jett grows concerned now; images of her son requiring intense therapy prior to age four are frightening and disheartening. It usually takes longer to screw them up royally.<
JETT: Waitaminute…what?
JETT: Show me.
>Mathias whips out a page of ruled notebook paper.<
MATHIAS: See?? I draw a mean doodoo.

>The relief is palpable.<
JETT: Ohhhhhhh….you drew a mean dude.
MATHIAS: Yeah, mom, dat’s whut I sayed!

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  1. clayton 10.25.2002

    hey! wait a minute!!

    that’s me!!

  2. Jett 10.27.2002


    …..because earlier in the evening I was reading your weblog when Mathias walked in and came up to the monitor.

    Pointing at your picture, he said, “Hey, dat’s my daaaahdeee.”

    I must admit, it freaked me out a tad.

  3. clayton 10.27.2002



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