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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 27, 2002 || 1:43 am

Because I like pretty, dainty things. Because I get all squishy and sickening and sentimental where Christmas is concerned. Because I am such a fucking girl with regard to both of the aforementioned, I have signed up for this:

It appeals to the Christmas lover in me! It appeals to the Happy Sender O’ Packages (…by the way, go submit, time’s almost up for this month…) in me! And it doesn’t hurt things at all that I get a package bearing a Christmas ornament (one of my favorite things about Christmas) from a complete and total stranger. Woooo, sexy!

So, of course as I highly endorse both Christmas and sexy, I suggest you sign up right away!

Unless, of course, you are one of those silly curmudgeonly fucks who is all last-minute with regard to All Things Christmas. You can’t do that with this eedle project, because deadline for sign-ups is 31 October 2002. If you cain’t add, that’s less than a week away. And nearly two whole months before Christmas. I mean, I wouldn’t want you to get things licked early this year. Why break your marvelous, tried-and-true tradition?


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  1. tel 10.28.2002

    Go do my shopping for me, bitch!

  2. tel 10.28.2002

    wha? is “bitch” verboten all of a sudden? my earlier comment is gone. did it lack appropriate snark? or is it simply time to visit Dr. Magoo again?

  3. tel 10.28.2002

    oh sure. now it’s there again. this is all set up to make me look like a guestbook hogging doofus, isn’t it? now it looks like I’m signing out the yingyang. yingyang. YING YANG!

  4. Jett 10.29.2002

    Happy Holidays, BITCH!!!

    Yeah, I’ll do your shopping for you. Just how many panty girdles WILL you be needing this year??


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