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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 31, 2002 || 11:52 pm

The one-two shut-the-hell-up. This is priceless when you’re shopping and your kid won’t shut the hell up: “I’m hungry, I want toys, I need my Insulin…” etc. First smack your kid (the 5 across the eyes technique works). Wait a few seconds for your kid to start crying, then smack your kid again to let him know that you mean business. This usually shuts them up because they see that the amount of crying is proportional to the amount of beatings.

*falls over dead from laughing*

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  1. Johnny T 11.1.2002

    That site is rich! A rewarding experience.

  2. Jett 11.3.2002

    Apparently, dear Barber, you and I are the only ones who got the humor.

    Or liked it.


  3. Johnny T 11.5.2002

    I had to turn it off since I was laughing so much in the office.


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