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|| October 8, 2002 || 11:15 pm || Comments (2) ||

My mother would be so fucking proud:

“Lucifer. The most misunderstood of all the ArchAngels, you’re most like the ArchAngel of Light. You’ve seen the darkside and have opted for something better. You need better press, though chances are no one will really understand your motives.”
Which ArchAngel are you most like?

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What Planet Are You From?

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..quizzes found over at Ali’s. She’s a hottie.

|| October 8, 2002 || 10:00 pm || Comments (4) ||

If I saw you on the street I might kiss you.

Naturally, I would expect you to know the difference between my kiss and any random stranger’s. That’s not too much to ask.

I’m the girl whose face betrays her and wears every emotion bold and wide open for you to see. I am the girl with the lock of escaped ponytail hair that curls, unruly and feminine, at the nape of her neck.

I am the girl who is poised graceful and solid while dancing along on the edge of convention. I am the girl who squints not when trying to see, but when trying to understand.

I am the girl who has the infinite blue sky in her laugh. I am the girl to whom your thoughts turn in the still moments: ‘Where is she and what is she doing now?’

I am the girl who holds you fondly in her heart.

|| October 8, 2002 || 8:43 am || Comments (4) ||

Have you ever noticed that some people have a stale smell about them?

I mean, not like B.O. or cigarette smoke stench, but like the air around them is kind of….dead? This dead pocket of air smells worse than any halitosis or B.O. I’ve ever encountered; it makes my gorge rise. It makes me want to flee upon encountering it….

Yanno what I’m talking about here?

|| October 7, 2002 || 8:45 am || Comments (3) ||

“Until you hear that bell, that final be-elllllll, stand up and fight. Like. Hellllllllll.”


|| October 3, 2002 || 9:01 pm || Comments (8) ||

Two of my favorite InterWeb Boys are leaving for greener pastures tomorrow.

ClayTone is headed to Irreversible Liver Damage Lass VayGass for a couple minutes. He’ll land at the airport, feel up a stewardess or two with his eyes, fondle a couple of nickel slots and get loaded enough on airport gin to survive the plane ride home. He swears that he will NOT be offering any little boys candy this time.

Danerator wins the “OHMYSTARSICANNOTFUCKINGFEELMYLEGS” award for his 12-hour plane/24-hour train ride combo to go see his brother tie the knot in Romania. ROMANIA, I TELL YOU! I told him today that if I lived nearby I would pack him a traveller’s lunch in a wax-coated box tied with string just like they did in the olden days (the part that I didn’t tell him was that I would slip a mickey into his capri sun and pay someone to snap photos of the resultant –that a word??– Mayhemian Pursuitstm….). He said that was ’sooo sweeeet’ and I said ‘pshaw’.

Fellas, talking to the both of you yea and verily made my day today. Look! This is me at work with my feet propped on the desk, grinning like an idiot….

Hey, I have a question for the masses (read: the six people that come here sorta on purpose and the forty-six that don’t): Were I to throw a party at my home, would you attend? Be serious, now. I really wanna know.

Oh my. I’ve never had to do this before, but the TACKY PACKtm winner (kd) didn’t show. So…..Jane Doe, come on down! You’re the next sucker to win the Halloween-y PACK! You gots 48 hours from this post to respond via TACKY MAILtm. NOT amazingjettgrrrl mail, (hinthint), but TACKY MAILtm. And fish? I heart you and yours is in the mail TOMORROW. TO. MOR. ROW. You are welcome to flog me (yes, please!)….

|| October 1, 2002 || 10:47 pm || Comments (5) ||

If you do a search for ‘apothecary jars’ on eBay, you won’t find jack shit. Trust me on this one.

Will the perfect bathroom jars never show themselves?? I know they must be out there….I can see them so clearly in my head! GRRR!

And please allow me to take this opportunity to remind you that just because something is old and pricey and/or rare, it’s not automatically aesthetically pleasing. Seems like a lot of people forget this.

|| October 1, 2002 || 9:37 pm || Comments (3) ||

My kid got his first pair of steel toeds today.

*sniff* There’s not a prouder momma on the planet right now….