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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 10, 2002 || 7:45 pm

Cannot find where on earth I’ve stashed the fancy, I-shelled-out-far-too-much-dough-for-these margarita glasses. Ah, well. I am using one of the frosty beer mugs from the freezer. The kind that is so heavy, you could brain a turtle with it.

I guess you could say I’m drinking ‘mugaritas’ tonight.

There’s an orange crazy straw and plain table salt (weren’t too well-prepared to be an alky bum tonight, now were I?) involved.

Look out!

UPDATE, 8:17 pee emm: Completely out of inhibitions tequila. Substituting vodka. Really cheeeeap, icky vodka. Will let you know how it turns out.

UPDATE, 8:19 pee emm: The tornado sirens are going apeshit. This could be problematic, as there is no plug-in for the blender in the ’safe’ part of the house.

UPDATE, 8:23 pee emm: All this fucking InterWeb at my fucking fingertips! You babies are so fucking sexy, I shit you not. A plethora of unknown-yet-stupendous writers within the reach of my monitor every single day. All my pocket people. Such a lucky, lucky girl am I!.

UPDATE, 8:35 pee emm: Have abandoned straw. Drinking in big, throaty sips now. I suspect that slobbering gulps will be upon me soon. *off to find Drunkard’s Bib* !.

UPDATE, 8:49 pee emm: Tornado sirens, apeshit again. I have abandoned pants (fucking pants! why do we have to wear those motherfuckers, anyway??) and am flailing about to vintage Nirvana. With my boots on. And my favorite Henry Rollins t-shirt (“Silence sucks”, beeyotch. And nature is a whore). The bra is coming off soon, dammit. Fucking bras, man. Come as you are, my indelible shmoopies.!.

UPDATE, nine pee emm: logged on to AIM. after three tries. shit. must be addled from the dancing. too much bouncing causes brain injury, didjoo know?!.

UPDATE, nine-oh-one pee emm: wnat to stafe GUCK! stage drinkig contest with self, but this is tres difficile w/out spectators encircling me groping shouting, “CHUGBITCHCHUG! CHUGBITCHCHUG!” you know how it is. maybve.

UPDATE, ninefourteen pee emm: Discussing dastardly plans with nerdboymikey. cheap vodka notwithstanding, am doing well. and shit.

UPDATE, ninetwenty-nine pee emm:

JettSuperior: HEY!

mikeynerd: hey jett!

mikeynerd: what’s up?

JettSuperior: O AM DRIPML/

JettSuperior: uhk, I AM DRUNK!

mikeynerd: no way!

mikeynerd: that’s weird

JettSuperior: sure way!

JettSuperior: and I just burnded m/self on
the candle.

JettSuperior: MOTHERBITCH!

JettSuperior: or, motherBITCHER!

JettSuperior: 0000000000000000000000000000

JettSuperior: my boobs just typed all htem

mikeynerd: hahahahahah you’re too funny

JettSuperior: I bent over to rembdy the
candle sitchooayshee.

JettSuperior: and the tits. they go crazy,

JettSuperior: no shit.

mikeynerd: well, they’re big

mikeynerd: i’m sure they get in the way
alla time

JettSuperior: you always seem to get back to
that notion.

JettSuperior: you’re such the cahrmer>!

JettSuperior: charmer. feh.

JettSuperior: wooooooo.

mikeynerd: you’re the one who brought ‘em

JettSuperior: OF COURSE ID ID.

JettSuperior: id id? thats very freudian.

JettSuperior: No?

mikeynerd: yes, it is

mikeynerd: a freudian notion in a freudian

JettSuperior: I’m pseudo-intellectual when

JettSuperior: tonight feels like a fresh

JettSuperior: how are you, sir?

mikeynerd: i’m good

mikeynerd: lookin at boobies

JettSuperior: of course yhou sare !

JettSuperior: what did i say?

JettSuperior: SHT??

JettSuperior: WHAT>>>???

mikeynerd: hahahahahah

JettSuperior: I have this idea.

mikeynerd: i wonder what it’d be like to
talk to you when you’re sober…

JettSuperior: tell me if its shit.

mikeynerd: what’s your idear?

JettSuperior: THE Great BLGO DRUNK-OUT.

JettSuperior: we stage a nite for everyone
to drink past normal limts.

JettSuperior: and then post copiously.

mikeynerd: hahahahahah

mikeynerd: i don’t think that’d work out
too weel

mikeynerd: well, even

UPDATE, ninethirty pee emm: Urinations break. peebreak to all you laypersons.

UPDATE, ninethirty-one pee emm: getlaidpersons. heh.

UPDATE, nineforty pee emm: Thisghtwell, fuuuuck. do-over.

UPDATE, nine fortyy pee emm: Thighs are tingling. Weeeeeelllllll, THIS is certainly a pleasant by[product of my inebriation!

UPDATE, nine thirty five pee emm: have made conscious decisaion to embrace typoes as my freind. <-- SEE??

UPDATE, nine forty nine pee emm:

JettSuperior: I must warn you,

JettSuperior: I do’tkn0w hw far this converattion will go.

JettSuperior: and all./

DelmerSkeetsMcGee: yea, i pretty much expect you to pass out at any second….but before you do take your vit c and asprin.


JettSuperior: passer outter or something.
FUcking TONRADO HORNS! Leave it to me to expetc an idyllic drunk on such an evyening as this.

UPDATE, nine 52 pee emm: WHAT?? more peeing already? girl bladder. pffft.

UPDATE, 2201 hours (military time easier when drunk): I forgot what I was going to type here. sorry for wasting your time. fuck.

UPDATE, 2220 hours: Thunder is a fucking AAAPHRODISIAC. Sex for the first person that wanders up in the rain.

UPDATE, 2231 hours : The rain is threatening and beautiful and satisfying. I will go dance my hands in it, then I will go to bed. Because the InterWeb has become boring. Because there is no Pocket Lesbian or Pocket Social Project to share myself with right at this moment. G’nit.e.

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  1. mikey 11.10.2002

    you’re not doing as well as you think you are… hahahahahaah ohhh i’m just kidding!

  2. Tara 11.10.2002

    You’re making me wish I were tanked & online, heheh.

  3. fish 11.11.2002

    I can’t tell you how sorry i am that i missed all that.

    My fav colour is black, what’s yours?

    Dang! i even have a bottle o tequila on hand …

  4. trish 11.11.2002

    Will you marry me?

  5. Jett 11.11.2002

    Trish, you fucking Texan goddess, are you rich?

    Because I swore that I would marry for money the next time around.

    And honey, you’d never fear at night AGAIN. I swear it. I gots a ‘tar arn’ and a mean streak a mile wide.

  6. kd 11.12.2002

    so when is THE Great BLGO DRUNK-OUT? i’m in. i’m totally in.

  7. trish 11.13.2002

    I have things to offer that money can’t buy. [wink]

  8. Jett 11.13.2002

    WOOO! Trish steppin’ up to the ole innuendo plate!


  9. April Love 11.13.2002

    Good Times!


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