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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 13, 2002 || 5:37 pm

Here’s my take on the matter:

Every last one of you should just shut the motherfuck up and stop poking one another with your ‘I’m Such A Big Scary Weblogger’ sticks. Quit proclaiming, “THAT IS IT! THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE END OF THIS! THIS POST/COMMENT RIGHT HERE! I’M OUT ON THIS!” and then coming back to spew more pointless vitriol. ENOUGH, already! Efuckingnough.

You’re such an embarrassment to yourselves that you embarrass the rest of us. It’s SO PATHETIC that you don’t realize this.

It’s also ridiculous that you sit and call your readers stupid, mindless drones that can’t think for themselves and you expect to keep them as readers.

My suggestion would be to put you all in a room with spiked baseball bats so that you can beat each other bloody and (more) senseless, save for the fact that it would mean that I and a couple dozen other ‘mindless, believe-anything’ readers would be deprived of the privilege. Old and tired and you mock noone but yourselves, you dim-witted plebians.

I feel like I can safely say that I speak for a majority of the sick-of-all-the-bullshit blogging masses. The ones that have politely kept tongues in cheek all this time, not out of fear (woooo….invoking the WRATH of the Mighty BlogWarlords), but out of a sense of patience that maybe someday you’d all stop acting like petulant fucking babies. The ones that view all this idiocy as vile and without class. Do us all a favor and stop opening your ridiculous, ignorant mouths just to hear yourselves drone onnnnnn and onnnnnnnnn with the same singly-focused fervor of a rabid pit bull. You know the one. It’s eventually put to sleep for the public’s safety and well-being.

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  1. tel 11.14.2002

    there was a lot of “you all” in that rant. not that I’m saying it was a turn-off…I actually found it quite arousing.

  2. Jett 11.14.2002

    I know….y’all is lost in the translation of my fury.

    And, FTR, this was directed at only people who engage in the behavior I’ve cited….not just random ‘you all’s.

    You know what I’m saying, tel, because you have those powers.

  3. delmer 11.14.2002

    blog…what’s a blog?

    btw the whole air of superiority and insulting your readership worked great for “the misanthropic bitch”

    I might as well paraphrase it before someone else does…

    “I read the Misanthropic bitch, and these people, are no misanthropic bitch”

  4. The Dane 11.14.2002

    I have no idea what that was about.

  5. Jett 11.14.2002

    Of course you don’t, Dane, which ranks you among my favorite bloggers.

  6. trish 11.14.2002

    Uhm . . I think I might know what it was about. What’s that make me?

    Great rant, though. Preach on!

  7. Jett 11.14.2002

    Trish my love,

    It makes you one of the ’stupid, mindless drones’ itchin’ fer a spiky ballbat, just. like. me.

    To paraphrase the ohsowise Delmer Skeets McGee (pal and legal counsel here at Superior Industries), “I’ve read some bitches in my time, but you people are just plain ignert.”

  8. waistdog 11.15.2002

    Well said.

    Although, if you had a blog like mine….you’d have no problems, because no one reads it.

    I suppose if I were there more often, it would help?

  9. Lee 11.15.2002

    Seems to me, you would do well to find a new blogging neighborhood to hang out in. The one you’re in now sounds vicious, and I don’t think I’d want to be around such horrible people myself. ;-)

    Oh, and a friend referred me to your site. Very interesting place too. :-)

  10. Jett 11.15.2002


    Seems to me that the grand ole InterWeb is a fine city, and the blogosphere is a neighborhood unto itself. It’s a shame that some folks choose to reel around in the gutters, pissing on the curbs and other people in my otherwise finefeathered neighborhood.

    In other words, why can’t we all just copy and paste Sir Mix-A-Lot songs and get along? Or, at the very least, discourage idiotic fucks from digging in their didies and flinging/wiping the prizes found there on one another?



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