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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 14, 2002 || 8:42 am

I want a tarantula!

I need a tarantula!

Why won’t somebody buy me an efffing tarantula?

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  1. G. Oldielocks 11.14.2002

    There was a dead rat in my swimming pool this morning (seriously). Would you settle for that? I need to find someone to take it. I am so grossed out, I may not go home. Ever.

  2. The Fancy Llama 11.14.2002

    I can’t buy ya a tarantula. I don’t have the money. But, I can go find ya one. (I do, after all, live in the desert.)

  3. tel 11.14.2002

    I finally know what I’m getting you for xxxmas!

  4. Unxmaal 11.15.2002

    Dad [the crazy one, with the snakes] got a South-American Birdcatcher via mail-order for $20 or so. When it arrived, it was in a little plastic container the size of a quarter. Now the spider is about 12″ wide.

    However, that species is very aggressive and mean. I suggest a plain old Mexican redlegs.

  5. Jett 11.18.2002

    Are you people so silly as to think that I’m kidding about the tarantula?

    Are you, now?


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