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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 14, 2002 || 10:37 am

Mathias and I are playing hookey today, filling our time with drinking hot cocoa (chocolate mint….mmmmm….) and playing ‘Connect Four‘. Only, with Mathias it’s more like ‘Connect Seven’ rather than ‘Connect Four’. It’s not ‘Connect Seven’ because he has no concept of the fundamentals of the game, but because he prefers to make up games within the game. He prefers blocks of pattern and geometric design over the prescribed rules. I like his game, because it can last two minutes or two hours, depending upon the motivation of the players.

He is an awesome playmate because he is ever so patient with me when I do stupid things like bumping the little slidey-lever at the bottom of the gameboard, dumping our checkers all over the carpet. Also, he has few rules, but these are firm:

“Nooooo, Mommy: Dese is wed and wed is mine. Dese is bwack and bwack is for you.”

If only all of life were so simple as playing ‘Connect Howevermany’ with a three-year old: Play with the pieces you are given, have patience with the other players, and make up the best game(s) possible with said pieces and players.

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At least once in your life you should allow a three-year-old to:

~Show you the mechanics of a spinning top.

~Pronounce his name to you phonetically while pointing out the letters with a stubby little finger.

~Put your lipstick on for you.

~Scare the pants off of you with a dinosaur cup (fake it up real good, now.).

~Discuss the wondrous appeal of outer space (which he tells you daily that he would like to visit; “I MUST go dere, MOMMY.”) and robots (which he tells you will accompany him into outer space to cook him french fries).

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