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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 14, 2002 || 1:16 pm

Thanks to the quite-a-bit nefarious batgrl, I found myself over at randomwebsite, a niftaaaay concept, indeedy. My first three randomwebsite clicks turned up these sites:
Poetry Daily, which features new poems every damn day
Add It Up, a (ofcoursewhereyoubeen) Violent Femmes fan site
City Morgue Gift Shop, bringer of death-related products, education and fun!

This is all very spooky; it’s like randomwebsite somehow meta’d my brain and brought forth related content from the web.

It took four tries before I got a blog site, cheesdipdotcom. The proprietress and I share three links: whygodwhy, oblivio and ftrain. We also both have exceptionally-named dogs (she, Jarvis…me, Baxter). Here’s how to not get us mixed up: I’m not from Manila. No, really! I’m not!

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  1. The Llama 11.14.2002

    Thanks for the tip. I had already wondered if you were her, or vice-versa. It was really confusing. Almost reminded me of that crazy drug influenced song “I am the walrus”

    I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together.


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