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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 15, 2002 || 10:07 pm

My pal ChristoCarto is on my doody list. That fucker. April Love told me today that he zoomed on down to Mobile to shoot a movie last week. Some indie thing about circus freaks, I don’t fuckin’ know…I’m sure she’ll wander through here and refresh us all on the title of the thing; it started with an emm, I’m almost SURE of it.

Anyway, that fucker ChristoCarto calls Ms. April Love and says, “*sigh* Henry Thomas dropped out of the project, and he was replaced by Norman Reedus.

“I know that name, I think, April Love, but where do I know it from??” And of course, April Love about has ten ducks, because she is one half of the two people in all of Hellafuckingbammy (the other half, of course, being your lovely hostess) who know who the oh-so-delectable Mithter Reeduth is.

BOONDOCK SAINTS, you silly bastard!” she cried in utter horror and disbelief, because of all people I-am-film-guru-hear-me-bygolly-roarrrr ChristoCarto should be aware of the movie that satisfies my requirements for foul-mouthedness, cheeky Catholic boys, family loyalty, rampant violence, and unlaced boots. DAMNIT ALL TO HELL.

In short, My Boyfried Norman (Murrrrrphhyyyyy McMaaaaannnuuuuusss, I loooooove yoooouuu!) is a scant six hours away, and here I sit with no voice (STILL) and, worst of all, responsibilities that demand my attention, obliterating to eensy particles even the mere notion that I kidnap Sistah April Love and roadtrip on down to Mobile in her I’m-not-a-freak-I-just-play-one-in-real-life insanely red Volksy Bug. Cosmos Fuckingtm at its’ finest, my brothers and sisters….at its’ finest.

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  1. April Love 11.17.2002

    Oh how I love thee! If only I were a fire-breathing dike or even a sweet tempered lesbian, and you the same…I would have you as my own! The movie is called Grift. I have procured a snapshot of the grand Norman with Mister Carto (Silly Bastard). I will be showering you with a viewing of said photo shortly. We would’ve been so very ass kickin’ cool if we had in fact road tripped it and broke into the set and made babies with our Norman…..I feel perfectly depressed….I must go now. Much love my sistah!

  2. Jett 11.18.2002

    SEE?? SEE?? I tole ya she’d show up.

    GRIFT. Must…commit…to….memory….GRIFT.

  3. Sean M. 11.21.2002

    Boondock saints was awesome… their working on a sequal too. Have u seen the deleted seens? That seen with their mother is priceless!

  4. ChristoCarto 11.23.2002

    OY VEY! I would like to say that I would rather have my testicles ripped off by Bea Arthur or a pack of snow dogs than be on the doody list of my baby’s momma. (Umm…that would be you, Jett). All I have to say is…I was a bit confused. You have to admit that in the oncoming darkness of the day’s end…and after just a few cocktails…that henry thomas and norman reedus DO kinda favor. However, I have to say Kudos to you and Apey-Love for one-upping my ‘usually sharp as a tack’ movie knowledge. I bow before you. You fucking Goddess. ;-)


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