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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 18, 2002 || 9:00 pm

When I hear something like Creed it just makes me want to jump out of my skin. That doesn’t happen to people who aren’t paying attention. It should happen to everybody.” [Ed. note: I think I love this man. In a carnal, brainy way.]

The goal is making music and getting it into people’s houses. My goal is to get some 15 year old kid or 35 year old dude to be sitting in a room and say, “Fuck, this rules! This makes me understand something else.” I do this because of a love of people and of a despising of them at the same time.” [Ed. note: A fellow compassionate misanthrope!]

// Alex Dezen, lead singer of thedamnwells, in an interview with Swizzle-Stick e-zine

Sample off the delicacies,

While You Can
Have to Ask

and then go (feed a hungry musician/help him buy ointment for his callouses/gas up his broke-ass Tour Honda) buy the fucking record. It’s absolutely insane that you only have to shell out five bones for music this fucking fine.

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  1. April Love 11.18.2002

    I HAVE to check these guys out!! I’m gonna piss myself aren’t I?

  2. April Love 11.18.2002

    And can I just say that…CREED SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry.

    April Love

  3. chip 11.19.2002

    showing the love for thedamnwells (who have informed me that they are now The Damnwells … one word was apparently too confusing to the masses), that’s great. i second the statement that everybody should go out and pick up the PMR (they’ve rereleased it on inmusicwetrust records — http://www.inmusicwetrust.com — with a bonus song, thus making it the PMR+!).


  4. Jett 11.20.2002

    Chip, notice I spelled it both ways on this very page in two seperate entries. Because it was vague. Because I wasn’t sure.

    Thanks for clarifying! and I knew that they’d recently been picked up by a label, but does that mean that you can no longer order the CDs the old way, thus doubling the cost? My readers must know these things. Because they, like I, dwell in old, falling-down tenement buildings and eat cold green beans from a tin can.

    Every dime counts, man.

  5. chip 11.20.2002

    if you order from http://www.musictoday.com (do a search for ‘damnwells’. once you get a result, click on it then click on ’store’) you can still get the PMR (without the bonus song) for $5. but, let me just say, the kid that runs in music we trust is a good kid and not out to rip anybody off. if you order directly from him you can get it for $7 (with the new song and new packaging). i’m pretty sure that includes shipping. still a good deal. of course, i get all my damnwells music for free :)


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