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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 20, 2002 || 12:13 am

JettSuperior: MEL!

I’m the angel that swears alot and wears
tall boots and punches people in the
throat…which one are you?

melandthebean: you are probably farrah, although
i wish i was farrah

melandthebean: it’s looking like i’m kate, which
sucks, because she’s fucking boring

JettSuperior: farrah?

JettSuperior: she swears and wears tall
boots and punches people in the throat?

melandthebean: i don’t know

melandthebean: she’s the one who broke out of

JettSuperior: woo!

JettSuperior: who knew, man?

JettSuperior: you’re up on this shit?

melandthebean: you’re going to make me be the
dull one aren’t you?

JettSuperior: NO!

JettSuperior: NO IAMNOT!

JettSuperior: who would you LIKE to be,
melly dear?

melandthebean: can i be charlie?

melandthebean: clayton can wear a wig and a
push up bra

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  1. melly 11.20.2002


  2. trish 11.20.2002

    I went to sleep and look what happens!

  3. waistdog 11.20.2002

    I want to be Bosley.

  4. Jett 11.20.2002

    Oh. My. Gaaaaahd.

    Waisty, I must admit that I never even considered you as Bosley, BUT SIR, you are a worthy candidate. I hereby de-nominate tokendave in favor of you.

    What’s your platform?

  5. trish 11.20.2002

    Platform shoes for Waistdoggie.

  6. waistdog 11.21.2002

    I want the ultra cool ones with the goldfish in the heels, please.


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