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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 20, 2002 || 6:10 pm

You people been watchin’ The Bachelor? Let me give you my prediction: Brooke ain’t gonna win it. I’ll go into more detail on this later, but that’s my vision into the future. There you have it.

If you didn’t know, she is from the neighboring town about seven miles to the north of here. I know the girl, but I won’t get into how and why (we live on a mountain peppered with small communities….damn near everybody knows everybody). The local shitrag of a paper keeps running features on all this hoohah. Blecccccchhhhhh.

Brooke’s fucking ‘diddy’ made Southerners, as a collective group, look like we’re all fucking idiots with his crazy ‘mah bruther’ll kill ya’ and his Alabama Room (when the South is represented, why is it always the toothless trailer park ninnies that get all the airtime? FUCK).

Anyway, Brooke’ll lose, you heard it here first, and we’ll discuss this matter later. FUCK.

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  1. G. Oldielocks 11.20.2002

    I just started watching The Bachelor 2 weeks ago. I was in Canada and the TV choices were slim…it was between The Bachelor and a badminton match between French Canadians and Eastern Romanians. The Bachelor won. I think it will be the brunette…can’t remember her name. But, what a pitiful show (of course I watched it again last week and I’ll watch tonight) and I ashamedly admit that I LOVE trash TV, but this was a bit much. Jett, I am dying to know the how and why that you know her! Tell!!!!!

  2. brynne 11.21.2002

    Okay okay- let’s hear it! ;)


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