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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 23, 2002 || 6:47 pm

Okay, I know it’s gauche to mention more than one search referral in a week, but….’prenatal porn‘??? I actually goggled at my monitor and yelled, “WHAT???

There’s some fucked-up jackass out there that wants to see porn involving babies in utero and I can admit freely that it really, really fucking disturbs me.

Actually, amazes me first….the disturbed part took a couple minutes to settle into mine cranium.

That’s it. I’m done. You all can have the human race. They’re no fun to play with anymore, not now that I’ve come to the realization that there are prenatal porn-searching ayholes out there.

Hear that, Mr. Prenatal Porn Searcher?? I’ve washed my hands of the populace because of you!!! I hope you are well and truly satisfied!!!!

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  1. trish 11.23.2002

    I stopped looking at my google referrals. It was too upsetting. Most of the time it is something I’d rather not know.

  2. jen 11.23.2002

    i ‘m with trish….that shit scares the helloutta me. what i don’t know, won’t hurt me…right?

    still shaking my head about prenatal porn, though. fuck.

  3. delmer 11.24.2002

    damn, that was the search I used to find your site.

    seriously, not everything is evil. How many times have you been sitting around work and decided to plug nonsensical searches into google, ebay, etc…?

    Sure it could have been a certifiable sicko, but it just as easy could have been someone bored, or some right wing whack job, or somebody writing a school paper; hell, it could have even been a police agency or “news” media search.

    of course, it could have been some sick and twisted freak too…

  4. waistdog 11.24.2002

    It’s where you go, when farm sex doesn’t do it any more.

  5. Sean M. 11.25.2002

    Coltrain and I decided a long time ago that any amount of adjectives combined in a search string WILL produce results. IE gay old man plushies or something like that. Damn crazy bastards.


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