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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 25, 2002 || 9:15 pm

Brynne (she’s butt-nekkid, heh.)! Dean! And (oh-laws-how-I-heart-his-niftaaaay-logo) ATOMIC NED! Bring the love, people.


….seems that everyone has forgotten about TACKY PACKtm submission for this month. You fucking ingrates. You insufferable heretics. Send me Thanksgiving Haiku (JaneDOE came up with that one, you can thank her) and you’ll be forgiven, i.e. entered into the drawing. For the people that don’t pay attention, SEND IT TO THE TACKYPACKtm E-MAIL ADDY. Anything in relation to THE PACKtm sent to my reggler inbox will be deleted out of hat from here on in. You been warned.

Haiku me, baby! Anyone using the terms ‘giblet gravy’, ‘tryptophan’, and ‘Jett rocks my dumb ass’ (while still maintaining the Thanksgiving theme) will get two draws in the hat. If you manage to squeeze them all in there while still making half a grain of sense you’ll get FOUR. Rock on, mighty _________________.

See that blank above? I need a collective name for my readership. Anyone have any suggestions? Jettophiles? Superiorettes? Lay it on me, sweet little muffinasses!

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  1. brynne 11.25.2002

    muffinasses… ha!

    Haikus are on their way.

  2. The Fancy Llama 11.25.2002

    Interestingly enough, I too came to remark on the muffinasses. Seems as though I have been beaten to the punch though.

  3. tel 11.26.2002

    You always called them ‘fuckwits’ to me.

  4. Jane 11.27.2002

    I LIKE muffinasses. You should use THAT.

    Superiorettes sounds way too much like the flag-waving-baton-tossing girls in highschool.

    Jettophiles sounds like people afraid of fast planes.

    But Muffinasses… Genius. ;-) 

  5. delmer 11.28.2002

    my vote in this tin pot dictatorship goes for:

    “disinterested voyeurs”

  6. April Love 11.29.2002

    It’s been days since your last post and I, for one, am suffering from serious Jett deprivation and shit. Now, I know that I am privilidged enough to be able to speak with you in what cyber illiterate fuckfaces call reality, but I must speak out for your readership……or whatever you decide we will be referred to as. I, for one, am voting for Jettian Cyborgs, but I’m just sayin’. Later!


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