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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 30, 2002 || 10:58 am

So….I got an e-mail with “sometimes my anus bleeds backwards” in the subject line today, and while I think this is brilliant, I am wondering what ChristoCarto thinks of it. What say, young Carteau?

This entry brought to you by EgoStroke of America, and is in no way affiliated with the authoress. Her views on the matter are probably loud, troublesome and vile in nature.

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  1. ChristoCarto 11.30.2002

    Jesus Tap-dancing Christ. That may either be the most vile…or the most poetic thing I’ve ever read in my life. I’m not sure what context the sender had in mind, so I can’t give an open-minded judgement. However, I have to say that after cramming down half a can of cranberry sauce over the weekend’s festivities, I’m pretty certain my anus was bleeding backwards as well. So until I’m told all the ‘givens’ of the particular backwards anus bleeding situation, I’m not going to comment on it fully. However, I WILL give it to ya…it is brilliant. You FUCKING GODDESS.

  2. April Love 11.30.2002

    I love your ass to pieces you little shit head! :)

  3. g 12.5.2002

    it was my entry to the tack packy thing, but then i realised it had to be haiku and my brain melted.

  4. Jett 12.6.2002

    And we here at Superior Industries thouroughly heart you because (not in spite of, nononooooo) of it, g.


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