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|| November 10, 2002 || 11:57 am || Comments (1) ||

happybirddaytokeith, happybirddaytokeith, happybirddaytokeeeee-eeeiiiith,

…and many whooooores mooooooore…

|| November 10, 2002 || 11:39 am || Comments (1) ||

I am eating Reese’s Pieces and making fun of you right now. RIGHT NOW.

I just wish my digital camera wasn’t broken so that I could show you. *whimpers*

|| November 8, 2002 || 5:02 pm || Comments (0) ||

unxmaal: howyado?

JettSuperior: the dog is back!

JettSuperior: weeet!

unxmaal: yee!

unxmaal: he’ll smoke weed and remember his
excursion for years

JettSuperior: yes.

unxmaal: aww yeah, all the fine bitches

JettSuperior: and the kid up the street made
five bux0rs.

unxmaal: i pissed on everahh tree from here to

JettSuperior: and I’m saving my nickels to
have his nuts lobbed off.

unxmaal: hahaha

|| November 8, 2002 || 4:17 pm || Comments (0) ||

you have an ominosity quotient of


you are more ominous than the creators of this quiz. good god.

find out your ominosity quotient

Quiz swiped from over at Behind The Mantle, who, in an odd twist, got it from Like I Said, with whom I used to have silly convos on AIM.

For instance, found in his instant messenger archives:

JettSuperior: why the hell are we being so vague and glib with one another, anyway?

JettSuperior: It’s like the A.L.I.C.E. nexus is talking to itself.

JettSuperior: gads.

impracticably: yeah, we should just get it over with. let’s fuck.

JettSuperior: *flings arms wide*

|| November 8, 2002 || 4:13 pm || Comments (1) ||

A letter I am composing:

Dear Clothing Designers and Manufacturers:

My daughter, Scout, is nine. NINE. She does not wish to dress like a toddler. I do not wish her to dress like a whooooore.

Accomodate us, you fuckpuddles!

I dunno, I think it needs something, I’m just not sure exactly what that something is.

|| November 8, 2002 || 12:58 pm || Comments (1) ||

SCABS!! On the inside of my nose! And all without the benefit of being a cokewhore still. YOWCH.


|| November 8, 2002 || 12:55 pm || Comments (3) ||

I just saw this guy wearing a tailored sports jacket (is it sport jacket or sports jacket?? I never know) with the sleeves rolled up to three-quarters length, exposing the shiny lining. He had the lapels flipped up and was sporting one-inch buttons with various slogans and bands on the left-hand side. His left hand, not mine.

His hair was sorta fluffy. It was all very eighties…

…and it gave me the slightest hint of a tingle.