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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 1, 2002 || 4:06 pm

DelmerSkeetsMcGee: 3 interviews with 6 different people on
three differnt visits over a period of 5 hours.

JettSuperior: With that ONE company???

DelmerSkeetsMcGee: i am going to tell them i feel like I am on
american idol.

DelmerSkeetsMcGee: yep.

DelmerSkeetsMcGee: and I will likely have one more where I tell
them love me or lose me…and see if that closes it.

JettSuperior: wwwoooo….

DelmerSkeetsMcGee: well let’s not start sucking each other’s
dicks quite yet…..it isn’t in the bag at all.

JettSuperior: You are the first male to
publicly acknowledge my penis.

JettSuperior: I hold you in the highest
regard from here on in.

DelmerSkeetsMcGee: actually it was a quote from a movie, but
for the record, i have always thought you to be one of
the biggest dicks i know…fortunately you have the balls
to back it up ;-)

JettSuperior: weee!

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