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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 2, 2002 || 9:12 am

I do not watch the Sopranos. I have never seen a James Bond movie. I don’t floss every single day like I should. Until last week, when The Pie Queen taught me how, I didn’t know how to do that ping thing.

There you have it, all of my dirty little secrets. Store them up to use for personal gain at a later date. Or, y’ know…to kick me when I’m down.

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  1. dave 12.2.2002

    have you always had a black-belt in dumbass, or is this a recent achievement?

  2. Pie Queen 12.2.2002

    Ah, I was wondering what all that sighing was . . .you’re Pinging the Pie Queen.

  3. The Llama 12.2.2002

    Hey, you best just settle down over there Davey, or I’ll have to take a trip over there and show you my black belt in kick ass. It’s not her fault that she… uh… Ok, it’s her fault. But still, come on now!

  4. brynne 12.2.2002

    You were just waiting for a chance to use that “black-belt in dumbass” line, werntcha? mmmhmm.

  5. dave 12.2.2002

    i make that shit up on the fly, ladies. please, don’t all swoon at once.

  6. Jett 12.2.2002

    See Dave. See Jett.

    See Jett drop Dave with a kick to the throat.

    See Dave gobble like a turkey while gasping for air.

    See Jett generously give Dave a knee to the kidney.

    Yay, Jett, YAY!

    Jett likes this. Dave does not.

    (Okay, maybe in a sick, sadistic way, Dave does.)

    See Dave cry and beg for mercy.

    See Jett laugh and tell Dave that the Pats still suck.

    Dave deserved what he got. Poor Dave.

    Jett is super!

  7. The Llama 12.3.2002



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