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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 4, 2002 || 12:24 am

n. Where crazy people go on vacation.

I like my drug definitions best, don’t you??

Okay, a question, aimed at the fellas in the audience: Do you ever see another man who is so good-looking, just so blame handsome, that you cannot tear your eyeballs away? I know chicks do this…occasionally there will be a woman so undeniably well-crafted that she commands attention from everyone in the vicinity, including other females. But (AND BE HONEST, YOU HOMOPHOBIC PRICKS) do men do this? I must know!

Brynne, the TACKY PACKtm is yours if you e-mail me within forty-eight hours of this post. After that, the runner-up gets a shot at it.

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  1. clayton 12.4.2002

    you bet

  2. tel 12.4.2002

    probably not in the same way, but sure. I think it’s less admiration of the physique and more jealousy and resentment.

  3. Johnny T 12.4.2002

    Can’t remember the last time I couldn’t take me eyes off of a guy. Maybe it is just me.

  4. brynne 12.4.2002

    Email sent to tackypackyathotmaildotcom… YAY! I never win stuff. ;)

  5. waistdog 12.4.2002

    I stood in awe of a large indian once.

    Partly because he was large.

    Around 6′8″.

    And partly because he was one of the most gorgeous human beings I’d ever seen.

    Admiring someone because they happen to look good, has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  6. delmer 12.4.2002

    hey…I think I saw the same big indian…i was in awe of him, especially how he left, out the window as I recall..funny, I forgot all about him…I guess I just went back to shuffling about in my robe and slippers.

  7. ChristoCarto 12.5.2002

    I definitely do. But that’s just a given.

    you are a FUCKING GODDESS.

  8. The Fancy Llama 12.6.2002

    Umm… Never to the point where I can’t tear my eyeballs away from him. But I can look at a dude and be like “What a good lookin’ dude. Now THERE’s some well thrown together dna.”

  9. Jett 12.6.2002

    Llam-er: I am SO stealing that line.

    waisty: wasn’t implying that it had anything whatsoever to do with orientation….most guys are all, “I DON’T LOOK AT GUYS! I DON’T!!” I just wanted to prevent that nonsense at the outset.

  10. The Dane 12.8.2002

    I don’t think I’ve ever really been in that situation myself. Closer to Llama’s caveat – I’m perfectly able to recognize a good lookin’ guy and point him out to the ladies and say, “Yup. There goes a good lookin’ fellah.” But I don’t think I’ve ever been the type to stare entranced.

    But then I don’t do that with women either. I absorb human beauty rather quickly and am rather lacadasical in my appreciation.


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