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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 4, 2002 || 11:28 am

Every time I listen to the new Foo Fighters song I feel all dirty, because they’re so obviously copping a feel on the Violent Femmes and I shouldn’t be watching.

Or, at the very least, I should not be paying attention. I’m sorry, Gordon Gano! and Dave Grohl is, too….

That Taylor What’shisfuckingname, though? He don’t give a fuck.

Speaking of Mister Grohl, I never realized just what a little d00d he is until I saw him here in Birmingham. Maybe I was just so fucked up on various chemicals during previous viewings that it just didn’t register, but I got to eyeball him good and tight a couple years ago, and boy! was I surprised….

Okay, he’s not tee-niney or anything, he just struck me as kind of…smaller than I thought. Perhaps because at the time he wasn’t on stage; he was standing a little to the left of it, kinda off in the shadows, at a Smashing Pumpkins gig. He was dating Melissa Auf der Maur at the time, and was squiring her around the country on part of the “Resume The Pose” tour (what was billed as the Pumpkins’ prelude-to-a-farewell tour). Quite honestly, it was one of the best fucking shows I have ever seen. The whole premise of the tour was to take the Pumpkins back to frame, to re-visit their small-venue beginnings. Generally there was not a whole lot of lead time as to where they would play; tickets would be released only a couple days prior to each show and numbers were kept pretty bare-bones. Maxim and I, along with two friends, caught the Valentine’s Day show at Five Points Music Hall (hands-down, one of my favorite venues of all time) with about five- or six-hundred other fans.

It was awesome. Jimmy Chamberlain had just re-joined the band some months earlier and Melissa joined the line-up at about the same time. Melissa and Jimmy both seemed really gleeful and exuberant, and there was an overwhelming sense of the entire band just having a really good time. They really connected with their audience, at least on that particular night. We were maybe two or three rows of people back, facing stage-right. At one point in the show, Melissa slung her bass low and grabbed a camera that had sat, unnoticed, on one of the stacks. She began pointing and making faces at us, then laughing and taking pictures while we returned the favor. So, I’m maybe in a stack of photos at Melissa Auf der Maur’s pad, giving her wicked Kodak tongue, glistening with sweat, hair in the limp ringlets that only a good show or night of club dancing can produce. Fuckin’ right. Riiiiiiight on. Good times, motherfucker, and that little concert ranks as one of the top five in the myriad of shows I’ve had the pleasure of taking in.

The most honest thing I’ve heard a musician say comes from Chris Shiflett’s bio page:
Q: If I didn’t tour with the Foos, I’d be…
A: Super sizing your lunch.

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  1. Wendolene 12.4.2002

    I love the Pumpkins and I miss them. I saw them three times before they broke up but I didn’t get the same feeling from the Melissa shows. Two of the shows I was at were during the farewell tour and it seemed like they were just up there playing because they had said they would. It made me very very sad. But I’m glad Zwan is coming. I like your blog… it’s fun to read. Your entry about Thom hit home because my brother is retarded and I kind of wonder how things are going to be later in life. Anyway, thanks.

  2. tim451 12.4.2002

    chamberlain is the drummer, right? i caught one of his drumsticks once and gave it to a friend.

  3. Jett 12.4.2002

    Wendolene: I read your blog and you seem to have a lot of rage. Therefore, I like you very much (and your name is quite fucking rad, if I do say so m’self).

    timato: Leave it to you, puddin’. Yeah, he is the drummer, and have you SEEN the size of his guns since he came off the junk? That boy’s arms are bigger’n your head! It was amazing, in a freakish sort of way, to come to that realization.

  4. jen 12.5.2002

    i was listening to all my life on the way home tonite and your thoughts on comparing them to the violent femmes just hit me….damn, you’re right! but, i do like american music….

  5. April Love 12.6.2002

    Jett dearest….Can I just say…you are a goddess among women in my universe…Planet April. I love the Pumpkins…I wept the fatefull V-day that I was unable to attend that very show. Billy said they just couldn’t compete with the Britneys….I was heartbroken because I have a real jones for real muciscians. Writin’ songs and palyin’ instruments. A cat with a guitar is guaranteed LAID. I’m just sayin’. Love Ya Gurl!

  6. Jett 12.6.2002

    jen: as admirable as the VFs were/are, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to copy someone’s style. That being said, The Offspring are going to hell three whole times for ripping off .38 Special, The Beatles, and….who was that other band? Okay, twice. They’re going to hell twice. I just don’t want to see My Boy Grohl suffer the same fate.

    April Love, mah dahhhlin’: does that hold true for chicks with red guitars, as well? I’m just sayin’, is all. You Will Hoge scamming bastard, you’re pretty spiffy, too.


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