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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 6, 2002 || 12:02 am

Maxim is breaking a cardinal rule in our home: Thou shalt not purchase any gifty things for self after October. All week a steady stream of packages have been arriving in our mailbox. I have been put on notice that I am to tamper with none of them, NONE OF THEM whatsoever. Come to find out, a good percentage of them are various Morphine CDs and paraphenalia. I turned him on to Morphine about three years back with the album ‘The Night’. It was the last one recorded before Mark Sandman, smooooov singer extraordinaire, died on stage.

That’s right. Died on stage. Heart went kaput in the midst of a show overseas. Sexy in a rock-lore kind of way.

So, shame on Maxim!

And, speaking of buying things, I have a few of my cigar box purses listed to sell because I am Po White Trash, but I am Po White Trash Wit Aspirations (read: broke and in a Christmas panic. Literally.). Here are a couple for your perusal,

and you can find several more (with big ole pop-up pictures, yay!) here, along with information about buying one for your own little self. Or better yet, two: one for your own little self and another somebody who appreciates the truly hip and bitchin’.

Starving artist selling out. Run roughshod through the goods, purchasing willy-nilly!

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  1. Bob 12.6.2002

    They look good…sorry I have been to busy to search for more raw materials for this growing business, still, I send my love and admiration instead.

  2. Jett 12.6.2002

    WHATever, fucko. Keep your love and admiration. Send green.

    Your wife needs a purse to go with her boob job, heh.

  3. Suzanne 12.9.2002

    Aha! The unusual request for cigar boxes now has meaning! Beeyootiful, Miss Jett! (And since seeing these lovely items, I have refocused my attention on the shitty cigar shop here that does not seem to want to cooperate with my requests…)

    Is this like ebay? Highest bidder? Or is there a price tag on these pups?

    Quite the lil entrepreneur, you are!

  4. Jett 12.9.2002

    Suzanne, there is indeedy a price. They are quite reasonable, considering that there are boutiques where they sell for $150, and places on the web where they go for $90.

    E-mail me with which purse you are interested in and I’ll give you details. HOORAY!


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