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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 6, 2002 || 1:02 am

I really, REALLY want a sausage biscuit. Does that make me a bad person?

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  1. Johnny T 12.6.2002

    Nope. In fact, I think it makes you a great person. More than a great person, it makes you one of the best people ever to set foot on the earth. Better than Hercules, John Bunyan and Ray Bradbury.

    Just one question, what is a sausage biscuit?

  2. skits 12.6.2002

    It just means you’re human. We ALL want a sausage biscuit. :p

    btw…Get over to bloggerville and pick your house! (I’m redoing it so people can live with whoever they want.)

  3. tel 12.6.2002

    is that biscuit going to be put anywhere near your ass?

  4. Jett 12.6.2002

    tel: Only if the local deli has started wrapping them in Reader’s Digest Condensed.

    Johnaaaay: John Bunyan? Did he do something important?

    skits: your opinion doesn’t count, dear, because you are from the South as well and EVERYONE knows that we are predisposed to pigmeats.

  5. The Fancy Llama 12.6.2002

    Um… I think Johnny meant Paul Bunyan. But Icould be wrong.

  6. April Love 12.7.2002

    It doesn’t make you a bad person…it just makes me very sad that you indeed do want a sausage biscuit. BTW….Conan is just talking about your men finding other men attractive thing….It was QUITE amusing….:)

    April Love

  7. Jett 12.7.2002

    See, April Love? I’m on the cutting edge. People just don’t knoooooow what goes on in this head.

  8. kd 12.7.2002

    you are a bad person for making me suddenly want a sausage biscuit.

  9. trish 12.7.2002

    Those are the best when you have a hangover.

  10. Jodi 12.7.2002

    I’m human, but I have no desire for a biscuit, sausagized or otherwise.

    So in answer to your question … YES. You are bad. Bad bordering on downright TERRIBLE!

  11. ChristoCarto 12.8.2002

    You are not a bad person for wanting a sausage biscuit. You are, however, a bad person for ruining me for other cyberchicks. You FUCKING GODDESS.

  12. April Love 12.9.2002

    Dearest, Dearest Jett…Wherever are you. How will I survive finals without your witt-ay banter to keep my mind on it’s toes…and yes my brain has toes….I rock.

  13. Jett 12.9.2002

    ChristoCarto, you are going to give me the big head, coming around here and calling me a fucking goddess each time you comment. You mustn’t stop, however. AND WHERE’S MY ‘REALITY BITES’ DEEVEEDEE??

    April Love: new post just for you, and you’ll be seeing the sweater soon, I promise.

    Other spectacular readers: *GASP* Jodi, the wandering jew, has deigned to bless us with her presence! And to upbraid me in regard to bad nutritional choices! I thought she’d forgotten all about being my girlfriend and such.

  14. tim451 12.10.2002

    in richmond, we don’t say sausage biscuit. some of us say “sashabissit”.

  15. Jessica Petrovich 12.10.2002

    I like the bacon, cheese ande egg ones, but that is just me.


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