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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 11, 2002 || 11:05 am

I’m going to have an apostrophe tattooed on my shoulder, I think. Shoulder blade.

That is all.

OH! Before I forget, I should tell you about the other day. I went into the bowling alley to pay the deposit on Mathias’ BIG BIRTHDAY BOWLING PARTY (nothing like the noxious fumes of redneck sweat and four-pack-a-day smokers to ring in your fourth birthday). I mean, what could be better than a pack of sugared-up four-year-olds flinging cannon ball-like projectiles that are one-fifth of their bodies’ weight for a couple hours?

It was mostly empty, since it was only two in the afternoon; there were only five people bowling: two middle-aged wimmins and three little ones of about five, three and two. The lady behind the counter (byyyyooooooteeeful hot pink lipstick, darling! I used to wear that exact shade in sixth grade!) was finishing up my receipt when there came a great clatter of pins facilitated by the five-year-old. He turned slowly toward the wimmins, who were seated and talking about whoknowswhat, jaw slightly unhinged, and then started jumping around and pointing.


Hot Pink Lipstick Lady and I could not contain ourselves; we fell over the counter and into one another’s arms, cackling away. Some two minutes later, we collected ourselves, wiping our eyes, and agreed that we both needed that.

I don’t understand people that don’t like kids. I just don’t.

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  1. Tom 12.11.2002

    I am enjoying your blogness very much… hope you contact me sometime… know who i am? did ya really ever in the first place? do you like the mexican blanket? is it stained with kid puke and what not? shall I stop typing.. me thinks so

  2. clayton 12.11.2002


    would look better as a tattoo.


  3. The Fancy Llama 12.11.2002

    I was just blogging yesterday about how kids are my idols. I love kids… I firmly believe that kids are the only reason adults stay sane. (Interestingly enough, maybe also the reason they GO insane…*wink*)

    But yeah, I look forward to having a few shorties of my own. But not for a while. Gosh no.

  4. brynne 12.11.2002

    ..but what if people mistake the apostrophe for a comma? I mean, with no other letters as a point of reference, they kinna look the same. I’m just sayin.

  5. April Love 12.11.2002

    I loved that story the first time that I heard it and I love it even more at this juncture. I feel compelled to comment on all of your glorious posts. You are aware of my feelings on children….I can enjoy offspring belonging to other humans, but I have no desire for one of my own. Now, if I could bid on one on Ebay I might be all over it…but as it stands, it would require a round in the sack and a committment of some kind, so I’m out. If I change my mind, can I borrow Mathias to jolt me back into reality?? I love your Mini-Jetts….They’re great. Much love and shit!

  6. Jett 12.12.2002

    Cush: ….of COURSE I know who YOU are….I’m just real, REAL shitty with e-mail. And kind of taken aback. You just dropped away and came back in much the same manner. Find me on AIM (nick: JettSuperior) and we’ll catch up.

    Clay: the only way I put your name on my body is if it’s in whipped cream. No, REALLY: the only way I put it there is if you return the favor: I’d like to see my name on your forehead in big RED letters. Dig it.

    Llama: You’re right. My children keep me from completely blowing off my grip on reality. After they move out I plan to become the lady that sings to birds, or something.

    Brynne: It would be a BIG, PREGNANT apostrophe. The kind with a big ole swollen head. Just like me. And others around here whom I will save the embarrassment by not mentioning their names.

    Love, baby: Are you drinking? You’re using a lotta five-dollar words tonight. And yes, come get my children. PLEASE COME GET THEM.

  7. Gil 12.12.2002

    I pesonally think a tat that says


    with a heart and dagger is by far more approrpriate. Bwahahaha!

  8. April Love 12.12.2002

    I was indeed intoxicated. What can I say…I’m a classy Brawd.

  9. Johnny T 12.13.2002

    Apostrophe is a cool idea. How big we talking?

    Did you ever think of getting a tatto of a bruise? I always thought that would be rad.

    That or a tatto of a smilely face on my heel.

  10. Matt Rossi 12.14.2002

    I tend to view kids as humans, and as such, make my decision to like them on a case by case basis.

    Plus they freaking terrify me.


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