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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 20, 2002 || 1:15 am

Wastrel never leaves me hangin’ on important things like whether or not Our Lord and Savior grin and bore it. Or whether or not I can open such information in front of my boss or my mother (forget perteckin’ the kids…they all already know more at age seven than we did by twenty-five, anyway…).

Wastrel is a web surfin’ crazy person. Wastrel must never fucking sleep. Or bathe.


Quirkiness, as you well know, is a major plus in my book. WASTREL IS QUIRKY, MY LITTLE MUFFINASSES. Oh yes, ’tis so.

UPDATE: I’ve never paid attention to the sidebar at Wastrel’s place until just…now; apparently he is a Scot. *shameless swoon* If you people know anything about me, it’s that two sorts of accents simply DO IT for me: Massachusetts and Scottish, but not in that order. Wastrel, do you have a sporran? Do you go commando, like real men should? I must know these things!

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  1. brynne 12.20.2002

    heh. muffinasses. heh heh

  2. Jett 12.20.2002

    Brynne darling, I am going to get around to making a ‘Superior Muffinasses’ button just for you one of these days….

  3. brynne 12.20.2002

    …it just keeps getting better and better. ;)


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