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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 25, 2002 || 2:03 am

It is Christmas Eve, right on the cusp of Early Christmas Morning and in the Superior household Maxim and Jett are busy removing the price stickers from a variety of random crap trinkets before stuffing them into three stockings that three delighted children will discover in eight hours or (more likely) less. Maxim pulls a new set of headphones from a plastic bag, gasps in mock surprise and delight, hugs them to his chest, then retreats to the music area of the Superior home. When he returns, it is with an older set of headphones, which he matter-of-factly throws into the bag designated for ‘gobbidge’.

JETT: Whatcha throwin’ those away for, babe?
MAXIM: Because they’re ten years old and suck dick.
JETT: Well, when I’m ten years old and suck dick, you gonna throw me away, too?
Maxim’s eyebrows shoot up as Jett realizes what she has just said.
JETT: Oh, wait…..

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We here at Superior Industries pride ourselves on being open-minded and supportive in regard to belief systems. We don’t wish to leave out those of you that turn a dubious and/or doubtful eye toward what we Christians deem ‘the meaning’ at the heart of Christmas festivities. In that spirit of equal opportunity belief and tolerance with regard to the beliefs of Godless Heathernstm, we present to you the atheist’s nativity.

Inclusion is grand, no?

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  1. trish 12.25.2002

    Merry Christmas, Goofy! LOL!

  2. waistdog 12.25.2002


    Two of the wiseguys ran off with the baby Heysoos.

    Which is hard to spell the correct way, and get the Spanish pronunciation.


    Merry Christmas to everyone at Jett central.

  3. ChristoCarto 12.25.2002

    Happy Holidays. And Blessed Be. YOU FUCKING GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!


  4. clayton 12.26.2002


  5. April Love 12.26.2002

    That makes me exceedingly happy! Love you GIRL!

  6. Kat 12.27.2002

    As an official Godless Heathen, I feel loved and included. Merry Winter Holiday. :-)


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