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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 25, 2002 || 7:10 pm

Here there are two thoughts

One foregone conclusion

And three smoke rings about my head

Tomorrow never will forget yesterday

And yesterday promised more than what tomorrow held

I tried to whistle yesterday

Then remembered:

I hate it when people whistle

It feels like gum on shoe

“Get…off. I can’t touch you, ever.”

I made the quackquack joke

Then you wore the duck shirt

A comedic duck, he was

You were the best one-up

I ever laid heart and mouth upon….

Dully overwhelming;

Truncheon-to-the-brain style

“I am too giddy for this”

My heart said even as I

Spelled it all out in blue sharpie

Thighs and scars

Both magnificent in the draw

Double-timing the kidnap

The putt-putt piggyback

The swingset march beneath the sun

Not enough malls

Not enough motels

Not enough continents

Not enough time

To contain us together

Random digits and words parried

I should haves

I could haves

I want tos and I dids

Instead of numbers and dashes

I’d rather it have been

I love you now, tonight

This is the start of something

Swirling and powerful

This blue writing is testament:

It is written;

Same Auld Lang Syne

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  1. brynne 12.26.2002


    Happy New Year, Jett.



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