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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 25, 2002 || 7:15 pm

(see you in the New Year…)

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  1. The Fancy Llama 12.25.2002

    Hey… I just wanted to wish you (Jett) and everyone else happy holidays, and the days surrounding those holidays. Happiness in all terms… health, togetherness, etc.

    Also wanted to say “YEAH, I I have been here reading, just haven’t had anything to say.”

    ::mwah!:: I’d call you a fucking goddess if it weren’t already trademarked!

  2. clayton 12.26.2002

    wishing you all the best…


  3. waistdog 12.26.2002

    sabbatical’s a big fancy word.

    So I hope you have a good time doing it.

    Or going on it.

  4. April Love 12.26.2002

    You will be missed! See you soon, my soul sista!

  5. brynne 1.3.2003

    Umm… it’s new year now.. helloooooo?

    *taps foot*

  6. April Love 1.3.2003

    WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. The Fancy Llama 1.3.2003

    My patience is wearing thin Miss Superior, WHERE IS THE BLOG?

    *The preceding comment is to be read in a sinister voice. As if from a really spy movie.*

  8. ChristoCarto 1.4.2003

    Oh, dear…No Jett? I am horribly saddened. You fucking GODDESS!!!!!

  9. The Fancy Llama 1.5.2003

    My last comment was missing a key word. “really BAD spy movie”


  10. April Love 1.5.2003

    Good one Fancy….I completely get it now.

  11. The Fancy Llama 1.5.2003

    April, if you’re serious then… YAY!

    If you’re sarcastic though…. well then, shut up, you suck.

    But I’ll believe that you were serious, and that you get it now. It makes me happier. ;-)

  12. brynne 1.6.2003

    Your sweet little muffinasses are (im)patiently awaiting your return.

  13. AprilLove 1.6.2003

    I was indeed serious! I hadn’t really thought about it until you amended. I’m a whore for really bad spy movies….;)

  14. The Fancy Llama 1.6.2003

    So get this. April JUST took her first visit to the land-o-llama.

    Sad that it took this long, happy that it happened.

  15. tim451 1.7.2003

    all right, so just how FAR into the new year will we see jett again?

  16. Johnny T 1.7.2003

    Stilll no Jett — what gives?

  17. tel 1.7.2003

    Don’t start hasslin’ the Jettster. She’s on vaca due to an unexpected planting in the family. And possibly opening an Indian Casino. Send her psychic well-wishes and keep the place neat and tidy for her return, and maybe we’ll all get $10 in free Fukin-A bucks to spend in the slots. (I hear her slots are gonna be looser in 2003!)


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