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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 7, 2003 || 6:04 pm

I think that my new favorite saying will forthwith be,

Fuck you really a lot.

Wet Willy: define to the best of your ability. Southerners are exempt from this exercise because they should know what it is by default. Don’t spoil it for the unindoctrinated.

Here I am, making up words again.

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  1. brynne 1.7.2003

    Personally, “Fuck you very much” works just as well…

  2. ChristoCarto 1.7.2003

    Welcome back, you fucking hipster. After hearing about your 3 week pilgrimage, I take back all the horrible things I said about you. Without any warning, I thought you had left me for somebody better to blog for. But I realize now, that we are perfect for each other in this blog wonderland. I’m also sorry about reading another blog behind your back. But I thought that it was over. If I thought that you wanted to salvage what was left of our relationship, I wouldn’t have strayed. But please take me back, baby. Blog for me and only me. I can change. I can. You FUCKING GODDESS. :)

  3. Ezrael 1.8.2003

    I always thought a wet willy was a natural consequence of showering…unless you mean sticking a recently moistened finger into an ear.

  4. Suzanne 1.8.2003

    WB Jett… missed your ramblings.

    Finger? guffaw guffaw… *all ‘good’ southern gals know what it really is…

    pee ess… Happy Birthday to the King!

  5. statia 1.9.2003

    I do quite like fuck you a really lot.

  6. Jett 1.11.2003

    Leave it to the smart kid to ruin it for everybody *shakes fist at Rossi*

    Brynne, my way is the best way, ALWAYS! AAAALLLLWAAAAYS! (and your PACK is coming soon, I swear it by all that is unholy)

    Statia: IIII DOOOO QUIIIIIITE LIIIIIKE YOOOOUUUUUU. You sexy little muffinass.


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