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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 14, 2003 || 4:38 pm

Quite entertaining to hear your eleven-year-old son singing “Jenny From The Block” (or whatthefuckever that piece of pop shite is titled) falsetto without the merest hint of self-consciousness.

I wonder, will I be so amused if, in ten years, he tells me that he aspires to be a Vegas Showtart? Hmm.

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  1. April Love 1.14.2003

    All I can say is that tears my crack out!

  2. ChristoCarto 1.16.2003

    Baby Love…let me just say that the future Mrs. Affleck shares the same biographical dilemma that I do….? After all, I AM just christocarto from the block….you FUCKING GODDESS!!!!


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