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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 16, 2003 || 8:24 am

A few weeks ago I was describing a t-shirt concept I had to a pal. The idea was to print these in a limited-edition run, and maybe do a new design every few months. In response, the very fabulous fish surprised me with this:

She whipped this up with no poking, prodding or wheedling whatsoever. I fucking LOVE it. Note how the girl and the rat look equally euphoric.

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  1. April Love 1.17.2003

    A crack-head and her rat…Gotta love that!

  2. Anonymous 1.18.2003

    I used to have a similar relationship with my gerbil when I was a wee tyke. His name was gigelo.

  3. .jett. 1.19.2003

    That’s very clever, Mister/Mizrus A. Nonymous, but it would’ve been waaaay funnier had you spelled ‘Gigilo’ correctly and had you signed your name as Rich.


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