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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 20, 2003 || 11:14 pm

Regarding Pig Latin:
In the case of words that start with two consonants, do you displace both of said consonants, or merely the first? For example, the word train (for all you Boxcar Bertha fans out there, BITCH!): would it be aintray or raintay?

I could be all snotty and tell you that I’m researching for a novel, but I’m not, so I won’t. These are just the kinds of things I wonder about.

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  1. Keith 1.22.2003

    If you go to Google and click on Preferences, you can change the language the page is displayed in to Pig Latin. Then the Preferences link says Eferencespray. Who’s to argue with Google? ;)

  2. Tim 1.22.2003


    as in, “aintray cummin to the disco tonite?”

  3. tel 1.22.2003

    According to http://www.kdmx.com/converter.html it’s raintay. Not that it makes it authoritative or anything…for that you’d have to consult the Pig Latin Lover.

  4. tel 1.22.2003

    Oh, I almost forgot…ITCHBAY!

  5. Ruthie 1.24.2003

    that google thing is a trip. i never knew you could do that


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