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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 21, 2003 || 11:22 pm

Stupidest line I’ve run across in my job hunt thus far:

“Must have proactive determination for attention to detail.”

Give me a fucking break, will ya?

The runner-up goes to this little beaut:

“We offer a good benefit pkg. & a work environment that is unsurpassed by none.”

Wonder if I could get a job writing companies’ want ads?

By far, the most interesting and unusual ad of the thousand I perused today was the following:

WANTED: Media-Savvy Duckmaster The Memphis Peabody hopes to find a Duckmaster, who has a love of animals and the panache to clean cages one minute and, in the next, be “articulate and at ease” with the national media. Our “VIPs” require special attention and tender loving care. Applications for the Duckmaster job will be accepted at 149 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103 Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm.

I think I’ll apply, just to see what happens.

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  1. del (and jet!) 1.22.2003

    Jet says “go for it”…personally, I think only pig poop smells worse than duck crap, but they sure are fun critters. The worst part of this now that Jet hears you actually might get PAID to play with ducks, she may very well be headed for Memphis too!

    She also wants to start calling you “Duckmaster of the universe”

  2. Keith 1.22.2003


  3. jane 1.22.2003

    That’s the second time this week i come across the word “Duckmaster”.

  4. Tim 1.22.2003

    okay, so why exactly are you applying for jobs in memfist when you live in hellabama?

  5. waistdog 1.22.2003

    Will you get to wear the red and gold jacket of the Duckmaster?

    I see there’s also a “strap-on” duckmaster.

    But I’d rather not think about THAT.

    It makes me sleepy.

  6. c 1.22.2003

    right on

  7. tel 1.22.2003

    Was that “unsurpassed by none” a new cabinet post with G.W. or something? It sounds almost foreign-handed to me.

  8. brynne 1.23.2003

    Duckmaster: Ruler of the muffinasses. and ducks.



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