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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 23, 2003 || 7:28 pm

Can I just say that it’s COOOOOOLD one good time?

SUPERIOR MUFFINASSES: How cold is it, Jettttt?

Well, my little muffinasses, it’s so cold that my nipples are exhausted from standing at attention all day. BaDUMpum, motherfuckers.

And that segues neatly into something I wanted to show you. NOT MY BREASTESSES, ya goobs, but my most recent favorite search referral: breast squiring pictures. Don’t ask me what in holy fuck it means, I just thought it was an amusing turn of phrase. You will kindly note that not ONLY do I hold the number seven (the magic number, hey-hey) spot, but the number six (six is a multiple of three, which is the other, less important magic number) spot as well. There were great things at work on this day. Mighty things. PAHRFUL THANGS.

Speaking of powerful things, I was discussing music with someone yestidday and I mentioned the ‘Goo‘ album by Sonic (youbetterbow,plebians) Youth. That particular platter has the song ‘Dirty Boots‘ on it, which ranks mightily in my “Preferred Ditties To Shag To”.

Long ago and far away, I was playing a game with a person that would end up fondling a big chunk of my life with his, and the question came up as to what the best shag song was. He cited ‘Dirty Boots’ and I didn’t hesitate before offering up ‘These Arms Of Mine‘ by Otis Redding.

We, of course, ended up road testing them one very hot and humid evening: Two tracks programmed into the stereo above our heads, repeat button pushed, over and over and over they played while over and over and over we played, discovering one another, palms to palms, mouth to spine, bitten lips and trailing fingertips, sticky with the heat and one another. Euphoria. Euphoria is dementia for lovers. He liked me best in denim cutoffs and raggedy boots, I liked him best after a hard day at the canvas, paint streaks on neck and forehead.

What song brings on the euphoria for you?

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  1. Tim 1.24.2003

    You play music while having sex? I don’t get it. ;)

    I dunno, I’m thinking some Portishead might do it. But that’s just weird ol’ me.

    And while I’m here, why on god’s green earth would anybody make caffeine-free Mountain Dew??? Is there any point to it?

  2. tel 1.24.2003

    “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” by Lesley Gore. Or possibly “And Moses Watered Jethro’s Flock” by Elmer Bernstein (from the Ten Commandments score). Fucking music if I ever there was some.

  3. tel 1.24.2003

    (if I ever there was some? what does that mean?)

  4. melly 1.24.2003

    You got that from Dirty Dancing!

    I think … hold on …

    You got that from Dirty Dancing!

  5. Jett 1.24.2003

    Was it a Dirty Dancing song, melly?

    Leave it to YOU to know something lame like that. LAMER! LAME-O, LAAAAAME!

    tel: I dunno, I was just so enamored of the comment, “Fucking music if there ever was some.” I dint notice that you effed it up; I was so charmed.

    timato: If I’m not MAKING music while grinding, I’m listening to it.

  6. melly 1.24.2003

    Yeah, when baby and Johnny do it, they do it to “These Arms of Mine”.

    Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

  7. April Love 1.25.2003

    Do I even have to tell you what song I love to shag along with? Only my favorite song on this here Earth! Let’s Get it On, preferably Marvin Gaye, but my 2nd baby’s daddy does a kick ass version…Jack Black. I will be playing that song during the ceremony at my wedding. You’re all invited to attend, but we’ll all be dead.

  8. April Love 1.26.2003

    One by U2 really gets me goin’ too!


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