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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 24, 2003 || 12:40 am

The very first slogan that popped up whilst I was fiddling with the Advertising Slogan Generator:

It’s That Jett Superior Feeling.

It certainly is. Now I charge you, Dear Superior Muffinasses, to describe That Jett Superior Feeling in fifty words or less.

Okay, if it’s REALLY good, you can have seventy-five.

Also resulting in much delight were the following:
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Just Like Jett Superior Used To Make.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Does the Hard Jett Superior for You.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It Could Be Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Bread Wi’ Jett Superior Taken Out.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Puts the Jett Superior in Britain.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”At 29p a Jett Superior, It’s Not a Stress on Your Pocket.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”3-in-1 Protection for your Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Did Somebody Say Jett Superior?”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Go Crack a Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Change Your Whole Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Takes a Jett Superior but it Keeps on Tickin’.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”The Jett Superior Effect.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Do You Eat The Jett Superior Last?”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”There’s More Than One Way To Eat A Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”The Too Good to Hurry Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Two Hours of Jett Superior in Just Two Calories.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Jett Superior-Lickin’ Good.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”I’d Like to Buy the World a Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Look, Ma, No Jett Superior!”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Jett Superior Comes to Those Who Wait.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”What Would You Do For A Jett Superior?”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Snap! Crackle! Jett Superior!”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It Makes Your Jett Superior Smack.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”This Is Not Your Father’s Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Jett Superior Born and Bred.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Jett Superior Keeps Going and Going.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Get the Jett Superior Habit.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Simple Impartial Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Feel the Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Come to Life. Come to Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Daddy or Jett Superior?”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It’s Shake ‘n’ Jett Superior, and I Helped.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It’s How Jett Superior Is Done.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”You Can Really Taste The Jett Superior!”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Monsieur, with this Jett Superior you are really spoiling us.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Gee, Your Jett Superior Smells Terrific.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”All You Add Is Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Moving at the Speed of Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Jett Superior Unscripted.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”The Good Jett Superior Kids Go For.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Make Room for the Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Whatever You’re Into, Get Into Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”And All Because The Lady Loves Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Jett Superior Too?”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”P-P-P-Pick Up A Jett Superior.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Behold the Power of Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Leggo my Jett Superior!”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”A Jett Superior A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as a Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”You Can Do It When You Jett Superior It.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Beware of Expensive Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Good Honest Jett Superior Since 1896.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Make Every Jett Superior Count.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Where’s The Jett Superior?”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Drinka Pinta Jett Superior A Day.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It’s Just For Me And My Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Better Living Through Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Devon Knows How They Make Jett Superior So Creamy.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It’s the Jett Superior You Can See.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Better Ingredients, Better Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Get Jett Superior or Get Out.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Fill It To The Rim With Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Don’t Forget The Jett Superior, Mum.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Jett Superior Just Feels Right.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Probably The Best Jett Superior In The World.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Uh-oh, Better Get Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”The Loudest Noise Comes From The Electric Jett Superior.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”The Joy of Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It’s the Bright One, it’s the Right One, that’s Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”More Jett Superior Please.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Happiness is Jett Superior-Shaped.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”I Like the Jett Superior in You.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Choosy Mothers Choose Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Biting the Hand that Feeds Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”America’s Most Trusted Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”The Jett Superior of your Life.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Jett Superior Wanted.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”It’s A Bit Of A Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Australians Wouldn’t Give A Jett Superior For Anything Else.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Don’t Be Vague. Ask for Jett Superior.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Every Jett Superior Helps.”
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”Lipsmackin’ Thirstquenchin’ Acetastin’ Motivatin’ Goodbuzzin’ Cooltalkin’ Highwalkin’ Fastlivin’ Evergivin’ Coolfizzin’ Jett Superior.

Okay, this is madness, I’ll stop now….

UPDATE: And this one FINAL slogan for Setharina the Sethtastic (drumroll, please…):

“Good Jett Superior Has Danish Written All Over It.”

4 worked it out »

  1. redclay 1.25.2003

    “Refreshes the Redclay Other Beers Cannot Reach.”


  2. The Dane 1.25.2003

    Just so you know, that was an expensive calligraphy pen I used for the writing. So be happy, don’t worry.

  3. Keith 1.25.2003

    “Devon Knows How They Make Jett Superior So Creamy.” Is there something you’re not telling us, hun?

  4. GnOme-girl 1.26.2003

    girl I am so addicted to that site!! I’ve been sucked into for a week now

    my best so far…..

    Nothing Sucks Like A Gnome-Girl


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