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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 24, 2003 || 7:16 pm

I am eating cherry berry tomatoes in a warm house.

Today is a good day. I am happy.

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  1. brynne 1.24.2003

    My heater is broken and my nose is cold to the touch.

    …thought I’d share.

  2. Jett 1.25.2003

    Brynster….ye too shall know of simple pleasures.

    Maxim’s nose is ALWAYS cold. He’s like a puppy.

  3. redclay 1.25.2003

    sounds good, honey.

    i’m eatin a plumelo and

    franch bread with cheese so sharp i gotta wear gloves to eat it.

    drankin mimosas and listening to cory brannans “crush”.

    “you’re the kind of thang i’d do without a reason”

  4. April Love 1.25.2003

    I love Mimosas…just so ya know, Redclay.

  5. redclay 1.25.2003

    what’s not to love?

    fresh uranch juice, and it gets rid of the mediocre champers.

    we call it “brunch”

  6. Keith 1.25.2003

    I got a phone call today from a baaaad, diiiirty girl. Today is a good day. :)

  7. GnOme-girl 1.26.2003

    It’s all about the little things girl :)


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