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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 26, 2003 || 1:45 pm

Maxim and Jett are relaxing on the couch, eating salad and drinking wine and watching television. A commercial for the newest Drew Barrymore flick comes on the telly, the one that ends with the lovely Drew laughing deliciously out loud.

JETT: That Drew is just the cutest. Isn’t she just the cutest??

MAXIM: You’re cute.

JETT: Not like that. Not anywhere that cute.

MAXIM: We’d have to have a Jett-Drew sandwich with a Maxim middle in order for me to assess that properly.

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  1. dave 1.26.2003

    mmkay, i’m hot now. thanks.

  2. GnOme-girl 1.26.2003

    I want someone to say I’m as cute as drew *harummp*!!! :)

    but you’re way much cuter than her girl :)

  3. April Love 1.27.2003

    I must require video footage of said romp. Can that be arranged? Maxim is such a funny fella.

  4. Bob 1.28.2003

    hardt typte wift onea handfx…thjanksz fopr they visual.


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