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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 26, 2003 || 2:04 pm

Some two weeks ago I, in my technotard fashion, set up a weblog/journal thang for Miss April Love. It took seven hours ( ! ) to tweak a blogspot template and add nifty little things like a blogroll and comments. She yawned for the last three hours of it, and was damned near comatose by the time we finished.

I waited patiently for two weeks because I know the girl, and she is a flamboyant sort, but unsure of herself in so many ways. I love this girl, and I want to be gentle with those I love, but I finally told her point-blank: “You write down somma what’s in there,” jabbing a finger in the general direction of her gut, then her heart, “or I’m pulling the fucking plug, ole girl.”

A recent sample: “Those moments are some of life’s best, ya know. When you care so deeply for another human being that their sleep is art to your insomnia.”

You make my breath catch in my throat, Apey. You’re loosening the gears and I can’t wait to see what comes outta you when the cogs are all whirring.

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  1. April Love 1.26.2003

    You made me cry….Good one.


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