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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 28, 2003 || 8:44 pm

melly knows how to tor-chah me.

jezemelly79: i’m rocking out to “say you say me”

JettSuperior: oh my.

jezemelly79: timeless

JettSuperior: something.

jezemelly79: that helping hand … someone who

jezemelly79: when you feel you’ve lost your way

jezemelly79: you’ve got someone there to say

JettSuperior: *groan*

jezemelly79: “i’ll show you”

JettSuperior: *claws at eyeballs*

jezemelly79: this fucking rocks, and if you don’t
get it, i can’t help you or your offspring

jezemelly79: but you’re still a shining star

And later in the conversation:

jezemelly79: lionel ritchie is cool, necrophilia is not

mel has an excellent grasp on the facts. And a love for the Lionel like no other.

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  1. melly 1.28.2003

    I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    But apparently not enough to spell his name correctly.

  2. Jett 1.28.2003

    wondered when you’d catch that…

  3. The Fancy Llama 1.28.2003

    So whatever happened to Tacky Packs?

  4. April Love 1.28.2003

    I love Lionel…..I hate to admit it but tis true!


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