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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 29, 2003 || 10:20 pm

You get two or more tennish/elevenish little boys into a room and they giggle worse than little girls. They rival girlchildren of the same age in falsetto pitch, I swear. They’re utter maniacs.

Hearing a snippet of convo that they are not aware you’re hearing is very enlightening:

SAM: Jay! Do you ever think of running away?

JAY: Yeah, I do.

SAM: Okay, if I were to run away, I’d go to the Days Inn.

SAM: Where would you go?

JAY: To the Waffle House.

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  1. GnOme-girl 1.29.2003

    can I run away with Jay I love the waffle house :)

  2. April Love 1.30.2003


  3. Mo 1.30.2003

    Evesdropping on childrens conversations is better than television.

  4. waistdog 1.30.2003

    I’m with YOU Gnome girl…that kid’s got style!

  5. waistdog 1.30.2003

    I’m just going to take a wild guess, that the one wanting waffle’s is the lad on the right?

  6. Jett 2.1.2003

    waisty: perception is key, my friend…how did you EVER guess?

    Mo: damn straight. why pay for entertainment when you can just birth some?


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