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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 30, 2003 || 12:15 am

The Samurai Barber, takin’ all us unoriginal, stick-to-some-semblance-of-literary-rules types to task:

Once again I feel the need to defend the art of free spelling. Conforming to the standards of acceptable spelling is like living in a tract house. Yes, it is efficient, convienient, respectable and generally accepted. But you know what, it’s boring. It is where you start. What you really want is a custom house somewhere beautiful, be it on a beach, lake, mountain, canyon, or next to your favorite taco stand. Sure, when your young it is good to start with a tract home: build some equity, get the tax write off, learn the ropes. But when you get older it is time to move up and out.

“So it is with spelling. In school you are taught the basics; you learn the vanilla flavor of spelling. This is just to get you started and develop your capabilities. It was never intended to become standardized for everyone at all times. They expected you to be able to create new and more meaningful ways of spelling by the time you graduate high school. Yes, this is another short fall of public education. Charles A. Spelling, the founder of what we now are refering by his last name, developed the system with John Dewey. They thought the system would help people to become great spellers instead of cookie cutter spellers, as is the sad case today.”

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